About Us

Taxi Booking App Blynkr

Blynkr was founded by Ademola Adekunle, a business entrepreneur who has more than 20 years’ experience in transportation management. Blynkr launched in July 2023, developed and aimed specifically for the rural community market where the big giants tech companies have forgotten and burdened them with high rates.

Blynkr is a rideshare, food ordering & delivery service.

We realized that there was an opportunity for a Dakotan offering to the growing taxi & food delivery app market. Blynkr believes consumers should be assured of not just a quality service but also a safe and efficient one. We modelled the app around a community service, not big business. Blynkr is local to you, and local to your business.

Based in Williston, North Dakota and have built a reputation for having an excellent customer care team which are available 24/7 to answer all your queries.

Not only is the customer a vital part of our business but also the driver. Unlike other taxi apps Blynkr decided to pay its drivers Higher commission on fares paid by customers, so the driver keeps more of the fare. Even though we do not currently provide any benefits to all the 1099s employees, it is in our plan to provide some benefit soon. We know taxi technology very well. It is our lifeblood. This is reflected in our app. Blynkr has a host of unique features, such as pre-booking and booking multiple taxis simultaneously, features which are currently not available elsewhere.

There are also special safety features and customers have the comfort of knowing that Blynkr is now the only exclusive, professional taxi & food delivery app that is locally owned and managed in North Dakota.
By supporting Blynkr, customers will be supporting local jobs. Money spent in Blynkr Technologies LLC company stays in the community.

Blynkr was initially only available in North Dakota, but we have big plans to roll out in Montana & Minnesota in the coming months.

Blynkr is available for download both in Google Play and App Store.